NatroSlim Series - 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse



Daily exposure to stress, environmental toxins, additives and chemicals can affect our health and weight. 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is an all natural, comprehensive detox program based on the naturopathic principals of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’. Designed to work naturally with your body, the program supports the body’s natural ability to self-heal and reboot.

Week 1

Weeding phase: elimination of the toxins is the main focus and in return, the liver and circulatory system will be in its optimal state.

Week 2

Seeding phase: rebalancing of bowel flora and replacement of lost nutrients.

Week 3

Feeding phase: Nourishing and feeling the difference in your body after completing the detox. 

Each box of 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, AM CLEANSE and PM CLEANSE.

AM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle and PM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules. Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support through the journey of your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse. 



AM Cleanse Formula: Take 4 capsules with a large glass of water every morning with breakfast.

PM Cleanse Formula: Take 4 capsules with a large glass of water and consume every evening after dinner.


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