The AdvascienceTM Story: Origins & Evolution

AdvascienceTM is a practitioner founded formulator and manufacturer of premium nutraceutical products. Established in 2013 as Tek Eight Laboratories in Singapore with offices in United States, Advascience is a research-based company and our key focus areas include Health & Beauty, Anti-aging (defined as to live a long and fulfilling life, free of lifestyle diseases and chronic symptoms), Weight Management, Scalp Nutrition and Male Performance.

We made our debut in the health and wellness industry with the successful launch of KICKSTART® – a Male Performance Supplement – followed by several other acclaimed products such as Junedo and the award-winning NatroSlim®.

Hereon, those products and future ones will be re-launched under the AdvascienceTM umbrella brand while retaining their own product names. AdvascienceTM will also have a tagline - ‘Live Your Best’ – to communicate the brand’s underlying principle and philosophy that form the raison d'être for all our products and services. We are committed to developing more clinically studied botanical solutions to our portfolio.


Inspired by Nature, Propelled by Science

AdvascienceTM creates and develops life-enhancing brands from what nature has to offer. 

Driven by results, we are committed to producing evidence-based phytotherapeutics that will redefine and refine health & beauty thus becoming a leading innovative developer of natural beauty, health, dietary and personal care products.

From local ingredients to novel molecules, AdvascienceTM creates new formulas for health and beauty nutraceuticals by harnessing the untapped powers of phytomedicine through the use of emerging technologies and practitioner expertise.

All of AdvascienceTM product range - capsules, tablets, herbal extracts and liquids - is developed and formulated in-house using unique and clinically studied proprietary ingredients under strict cGMP guidelines to guarantee their safety and efficacy.